coronavirus death rate and coronavirus cure, coronavirus update

Coronavirus death rate -This corona virus spread from Wuhan city of China is now wreaking havoc not only in China but all over the world, this corona virus spreading from animals and birds to humans has now spread to about 78 countries from Wuhan, many countries political The leaders are telling the citizens of their country not to be afraid of Corona, who have also made it clear that they should be cautious with the Corona virus because so far no corona drugs or drugs are available. I want to tell, through this article, I want to tell the whole world, you people should not embrace anyone, do not join hands, and do not stand in the crowd, avoid traveling unless it is necessary, unless a vaccine Or medicine is not made, you guys stay safe in your homes

coronavirus death rate and coronavirus cure,coronavirus update
coronavirus death rate and coronavirus cure, coronavirus update

Coronavirus death rate

Worlds beyond Coronavirus, now weakening in front of Corona, Coronavirus has killed 3,121 people from all over the world so far, more than 94 thousand people have been infected with coronavirus all over the world so far. About 40 percent of the people living in Wuhan city are infected with corona
It is being said that talk to a person infected with coronavirus from a distance of 8 feet, and while talking, do put a mask in the mouth, if someone is infected with corona, then he can infect his entire family.coronavirus death rate
Coronavirus can spread from one person to another or from animals to humans, because the corona can survive only 48 hours in the air.
If after China, Coronavirus caused the most damage, then that is, in Iran, the number of people who died from corona in Iran has increased to 43 and 593 people are infected.
All countries are taking great steps to avoid Coronavirus, all countries have banned air travel, w.h.o. have been out of the house to escape covid-19. Has said to fight Corona and defeat it


coronavirus update

It is a novel coronavirus. This virus was not encountered by a member of the family before. Like other viruses, this virus also came from animals. Most people who come to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in the city center of China to shop or who often sell live or newly slaughtered animals have been infected with this virus. This novel coronavirus has usually originated from animals. Ebola and flu are other examples.

So far, how many countries have been infected with Corona and in which countries how many people have died from Coronavarus and how many people are infected

Afghanistan - In Afghanistan, only 4 people have been infected with Coronavirus so far, and the death toll is still zero.

The number of people infected in Algeria- Algeria is 17 and the number of people who die is 0.

Andorra - In Andorra the number of infected people is 1 and the number of deaths is 0.

Argentina - 8
Armenia - 1
Australia - 63 cases, 2 deaths,
Austria - 66
Azerbaijan - 3
 Bahrain - 56
 Belarus - 6
Belgium - 109
 Bosnia - 3
 Brazil - 13
Cambodia - 2
Cameroon - 1
Canada - 51
China - 80,651 cases, 3,070 deaths
Colombia - 1
Denmark - 23
Costa Rica - 1
Czech Republic - 12
Croatia - 12
United States - 213 cases, 17 deaths
Togo- 1
Tunisia - 1
Ukraine - 1
United Arab Emirates - 45
United Kingdom - 164
Sweden - 101
Switzerland - 210 cases, 1 death
 Taiwan - 45 cases, 1 death
 Thailand - 48
San Marino - 21 cases, 1 death
Saudi Arabia - 8S
enegal - 4
Serbia - 1
Singapore - 130
Slovakia - 1
Slovenia - 6
South Africa - 2
South Korea - 7,041 cases, 44 deaths
 Spain - 374
Sri Lanka - 1
Kuwait - 61
Latvia - 1
Lebanon - 22
Lithuania - 1
Luxembourg - 3
Malaysia - 83
Malta - 1
Mexico - 6
Monaco - 1
Morocco - 2
Nepal - 1
Netherlands - 128 cases, 1 death
New Zealand - 5
Nigeria - 1
North Macedonia - 3
Norway - 86
Oman - 16
Pakistan - 6
Paraguay - 1
Palestine - 16
Peru - 1
Philippines - 5 cases, 1 death
 Poland - 5
Portugal - 13
Qatar - 12
Romania - 7
Russia - 10

coronavirus mask

To avoid people infected with coronavirus, it is necessary to apply a mask in the mouth, because any virus enters the body quickly through the nose.
There are many types of masks in the market, but to avoid corona, use only 3-layer masks, 3-layer completely purifies the air,
If water falls or becomes wet on the mask, then you use another mask

coronavirus death rate and coronavirus cure, coronavirus update

coronavirus cure

There is no cure for corona virus yet, etc. If you are careful, you can never reach coronavirus.

Scientists from all countries are engaged in making coronavirus vaccine, WHO has also told that treatment of corona will be found in about 3 to 4 months. By then you should be careful with corona, drink 5-8 glasses of water throughout the day but If the water is boiled, if something touches, then wash the hands with soap, do not eat meat.


coronavirus death rate and coronavirus cure, coronavirus update

coronavirus china

The corona virus has spread from the city of Wuhan in China and is now affecting people all over the world, the first warner of corona virus was Li Wenliang.
According to Chinese media, 'Wuhan Central Hospital ophthalmologist Wenliang was infected with the corona virus and on December 30, he warned his fellow doctors that he had seen symptoms of SARS-like virus in some patients'. But no one believed them, then a few days later Dr. Li Wenliang died due to Corona virus.
34-year-old doctor Li Wenliang is thanking the Chinese government and people all over the world for detecting the new disease at the right time, when the doctor came to know about the virus on December 30 last year, he first started his medical school. Updated to the emuony chat group. He told that he has got 7 patients in whom symptoms of serious disease like SARS have been found.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Symptoms of corona virus In most cases, cold, cold, dry cough, fever all the time, trouble breathing,
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is characterized by mild symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever. Illness can be more severe for some people and can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties.
More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill.


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