Whatsapp new setting

Now no one will be able to read your whatsapp message,get to be safe setting

             Whatsapp launched a feature a few days ago. Many people who do not know, but it's good to keep whatsapp safe.


Whatsapp setting.

Whatsapp is an app that is used by all people. Whether someone is to talk, send someone to photos or someone's video calls. People are all using these tools for all these things.
Well Whatsapp's chat is end-to-end encrypted and no one can read it. But if the phone is open in your phone and it takes someone's hand it can read all your messages. Therefore it is important that we keep the app completely secure so that no one can open our app. For this, the company has recently launched the Viometric Authentication feature so that you can secure your app and no one will be able to open it.

Activate the Whatsapp feature in this way

To activate it on your iPhone, open it to WhatsApp and then tap on Settings, go to Account> Privacy> Screen lock and turn on the Touch ID or Face ID. In it, you can also choose time, after how long the app is closed, you will be asked to open the app with the Touch ID or Face ID.

This feature is available on all iPhone 5s and above and on all versions of iOS 9 and above.

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